E-commerce in Christmas Season

E-commerce in Christmas Season: Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush?

The Christmas season is now in full swing! Many people are spending time online, looking and buying gifts for themselves, their family and friends, since the main purpose of Christmas is giving and spending time with your love ones. As people shop online, are you sure that your e-commerce is ready for the rush?

In holiday retail survey, 59% of customers claimed they do Christmas shopping online. That was in 2019. How about 2020? Or in the coming years? Especially when no one could go shopping anytime they want to because of the pandemic?

Unfortunately, many people would shop online for the holidays instead of shopping gifts outside, hence the world of e-commerce needs to be ready for this Christmas season.

Are you also ready for your business rush?

The challenges brought on by corona virus pandemic have upended the retail industry, forcing physical stores and malls temporary shut. It has instilled new behaviors in consumers who are spending more time and money online: a trend that could become permanent.

Some data reveals that online purchases increased in the last few months and surprisingly increases when Christmas season is near. Additionally, online purchases increases for every category, consisting of luxury and beauty products, pharmacy, sports and outdoors apparel.

Retailers expects 85% increase in online sales this Christmas. It’s not too late to get your business ready for this holiday rush. Contact us and we’ll help you along the way! Meanwhile, here are three things that can help you get your e-commerce ready this Christmas season:

1. Holiday Theme

Having a holiday theme makes people more inclined to choosing your website as they unconsciously feel the same energy of the season as they are in your website. Make sure you use the right amount of festivity and not overwhelm your website with too much holiday designs that it turns out displeasing to the sight.

2. Holiday Discounts

Christmas season is where people spend more than they usually do. And as people shop online over the holidays, they are more inclined to go to websites with better discount offers that can help them shop more and efficiently.

3. Holiday Freebies

Shoppers would spend a lot during the holidays, so freebies would be a nice thing to encourage shoppers to buy in your store. This is also a good marketing strategy, to make your store more popular through word of mouth as people might share their shopping experience to others.

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