Let’s Talk About Custom-made Websites

Let’s Talk About Custom-made Websites, Their Benefits, and Advantages Over Drag and Drop Websites

Custom or bespoke websites are tailor made for our clients. You have complete control over the inclusions, layout and design specifications. Unlike drag and drop, custom-made websites have more ability to control every element in the website to ensure you get the desired results.

How would you prefer your website to look like?

Advantages of bespoke websites:

  • Templates and designs are easily changed with limited code adjustments.
  • Tracking and analytics can be done through back-end coding; while in drag and drop websites, you may need to pay additional fees to get the features included.
  • You are totally in control in the design even in the hosting of your files.
  • You can transfer hosting anytime without hassle, while drag and drop websites aren’t transferrable. The data you will store is kept, but you can’t migrate it into a different hosting site.
  • The ability to host multi-tenet websites is inherent in custom-made sites, whereas drag and drop allow for single tenet capability. This can mean client pay for multiple drag and drop costing them much more in the end.

Other benefits include:

  • Ease of use
  • Manage your website from any computer
  • No HTML editing or FTP software required
  • You have control of your site
  • The design of your website is 100% customizable
  • A blog is built-in and ready to go
  • Extend the functionality of your site with plugins
  • Your site grow as your business grows

It’s important in this digital age, that sole traders & businesses have relevant online presence to stand out in the market. Without these, businesses are less likely to be successful in obtaining new clients. We have to make it easy to ensure people can get in contact with the touch of a button, or self-serve and answer their own questions easily. If you think that your business could use some help in understanding how to make the most of the digital world, contact us today.