9 Helpful Tips on Better Web Design

9 Helpful Tips For a Better Web Design

When visitors land on your website, will they easily be able to determine what your company offers? Will they be able to navigate your site smoothly? Are your product descriptions and their pricing easily understandable? Can you say that your web design is good enough and you do not need tips on making it better?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then good for you! Your website is doing well and you are on the right track toward attaining more customers and revenues. However, if you find yourself answering no to these questions, then maybe it is time to take another look at your web design and optimization.

Web design is a powerful tool in lowering bounce rate. To ensure that you are going in the right direction with your web design and to make sure that you do not unconsciously turn visitors away due to some web design mistakes, here are some effective web design features that you may want to apply on your site:

1. Clear website purpose

Your visitors should be able to know the purpose of each page easily. Having a clear purpose and intention on all pages will help the users interact and understand what your company has to offer.

2. Simplicity

Making your website simple makes it more user-friendly. You may achieve simplicity by choosing the right color palette that fits your brand, using legible and readable fonts, and adding appropriate imagery.

3. Intuitive and consistent navigation

If a website’s navigation is confusing, visitors will eventually lose interest and will rather look for what they need elsewhere. An intuitive and consistent navigation on every page is the key to keep the visitors engaged with the website.

4. F-shaped pattern

A pattern where the F shape mimics the natural way humans read which is left to right, and top to bottom makes a site visually guide their visitors to what every page is all about.

5. Visual hierarchy

It’s very important that a website has a focal point that shows its visitors where the most important information is.

6. Great content

A good website design is one thing but a good website with interesting and well-written content is another. A well-written content can make visitors stay longer and be more interested in your website.

7. Grid based layout

Keeping your structure on a grid based layout not only brings symmetry, but also keeps your content organized.

8. Optimal load time

Nowadays, even thirty seconds of waiting time already feels like an eternity to many. Waiting for a website to load longer than expected has a big potential to lose visitors. Optimizing your images will help your website load faster.

9. Mobile-friendly

Almost everyone nowadays uses social media and browses the web through their mobile phones. It is important that your web designs include a mobile version to make it easier for mobile users to navigate and view your website anytime they want.

These are just some of the tips that can help you achieve an efficient web design.

Your website’s structure may be an amazing plus, but ultimately, good service and quality products are what truly make the clients stay and keep them coming back.

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