Website Project Management

Project Management for Development of Websites

Web development involves the creation and maintenance of websites. It’s what happens behind the scenes to make websites look great, work fast and perform well. Web developers do this by using different coding languages which can sometimes be elaborate. But project management for websites can help achieve efficiency in every online venture.

Web development projects can flourish or flounder depending on how effectively they are managed. Proper project management can keep things running smoothly. However, without it, there can be a lot of buggy designs and unhappy clients.

Let’s talk about how to start with website project management for your projects. But first, Let’s discuss what is website project management.

Project management of websites include a leader and a team.
Website project management is also a collaborative team effort.


Project management is a management is the process of breaking down tasks to meet a specific goal. Also, it is done with the collaborative efforts of a team.

Furthermore, website project management is used to deliver projects from new site builds to redesigns and migrations.


Risk management is one of the most important aspects of website project management. Project managers lead risk management and ensures that risks are covered as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the project team works to identify the risks.



This is the process of decision to set overall goals for the project. You need to define your website’s target audience and determine the purpose and objective. Also, you need to gather and maintain domain information to support your site.


Websites have become more than simple marketing tools for a business. Building websites from scratch includes customizing designs and coding. If you start from scratch, it means that the site is carefully constructed. Of course, there are all according to clients’ needs and business requirements.


This is the process of using tools to improve the performance of your website. In addition, one of the most critical aspects of website optimization is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


This part of website project management is hard. It covers work involved in the following processes:

  1. Initial testing
  2. Going live
  3. Client or staff training
  4. Foundational marketing or SEO activities.

Once you have reviewed the website and made the needed changes, you can tell if the site is ready for launch. At this time, the developer will move your site from the development server to your hosting server. And finally, you are ready to launch.

Here are some effective tips for making your project effective and successful:

  • Know the web development project inside out

Identify your clients’ requirements and understand their expectations. Develop a solid project plan where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

  • Identify the web development project requirements

Assemble a team capable of implementing the project plan to meet the clients’ requirements. Then, define roles and allocate the right tasks to the team, keeping in mind their strengths, personalities, and expertise.

  • Get an expert project manager who knows the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the project

You should know how to manage teams with different strengths and personalities, give tasks to the right people, and ensure the process is both fun and productive.

  • Effective communication is key to successful projects

To run a web development project smoothly, clients and stakeholders need to have consistent and effective communication. New or additional changes should be communicated to the team right away.

  • Use the right project management tool

With so many project management tools available today, choose the best for your organization.

Now that you have a clearer idea about project management for website development, if you follow these techniques, you can make your website development project successful. Chat with our team today for even better website project management. Meanwhile, read why web design is important in lowering your website’s bounce rate.

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