We’ll create a connection between you and your audience. Our website design and development is a combined skill of creativity and strategy applied to make your website perform effectively.

7 Phase’s of Web Design Process

The initial step is to work with our clients gathering all information required to determine the clear purpose and goals for the website and be able to lay down proper strategies to execute.

Details of the build should be discussed. The more thoroughly the project is thought out, the fewer problems will arise in the future. If your idea is one of the kind, it’s important to get this right to ensure delivery within schedule and on budget.

A designer creates sketches and designs basing on the customer’s preferences and requirements. It is of high importance at this stage for the project to have professional and functional design. Each layout is to be sent for approval. Second phase duration depends on the project scale and can vary from 1 week and up to 1 month.

We work with you to develop the content in a way that ensures best results for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO) (i.e. how likely it is that your site shows in search engine results).

Our developers take all the information and design planning that has been gathered and apply it.  The development can include Full Stack, Back-End and Front End solutions.

At this stage, we are testing functionality, load times and ho well our SEO is working for the client. We then deliver the build over to the client allowing them to complete their own ‘User Acceptance Testing’ (UAT).

After sign-off has occurred from both the web developer and client side, we deploy the solution for use.

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